Actionable Insight, Real Advantages

Bit Stew Systems Inc. is a world-leading provider of integrated, real-time network operations solutions for the utility industry. Bit Stew’s flagship product, Grid Director™, is revolutionizing the way the utility industry deploys, operates, secures and optimizes smart grids globally.

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Plan, connect and deploy network and devices with real-time insight
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Efficiently operate the network, visualize status, maintain state and automate
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Manage threat events, monitor jobs, receive active and intelligent alerts
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Optimize the network, provide high-quality service, and enable intelligence at the edge
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Why Grid Director?

Grid Director’s game-changing approach offers customers an in-depth, interactive and real-time view of their smart grids enabling them to make more agile and informed decisions that elevate their business operations.

Grid Director provides real-time analytics, dynamic event management, and quick and easy integration with both IT and OT systems and applications. Supporting both IP-based and proprietary networks, Grid Director is ideal for delivering an enterprise view into large disparate device based networks, while offering predictive analytics, pattern recognition, and complex event correlation. Learn More >

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